Is the leggings a wild pants?

Leggings are not a pair of pants. Leggings are not considered to be wild pants, because it also has the color and texture, and the upper body needs to match to show its role, black leggings can be regarded as wild pants. The leggings have the same meaning as the primer used for makeup. The leggings are worn to match the clothes to achieve the overall image harmony.

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Precautions for matching leggings

1.Don’t wear a tight skirt

If you wear a tight skirt, it is difficult to wear a pair of high-end, leg-shaped and hip-stricken people wearing leggings with a tight skirt, but also invisibly exposed and magnified their own defects, so it is best to choose loose type skirt.

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2.Not suitable for leather denim short skirt

Fashion items such as leather and denim are paired with leggings, and the fashion will be reduced, which is very low. Therefore, when wearing leather or denim pants and skirts, do not wear leggings.

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3.The color of the shoes can’t be too conspicuous

Although the white shoes have always been a versatile piece, but the leggings that are too different in color are put together, it will give people too much impact in the visual, it is very uncoordinated, so it is recommended to choose a gentle white and so on. Color shoes.

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4.Carefully wear bright color leggings

There are many leggings in the market that are very strange in style and color. You should choose carefully. A lot of bright colored leggings not only have a low wear rate, but also seem to be very low, so people can’t appreciate it.

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