How to match the gray base socks? It should be worn in the early spring.

How to match gray base socks

1, white long T-shirt + black leather vest + gray base socks + black knight boots

The shape of the long T-shirt + leggings is too casual, so I chose two leather pieces to instantly enhance the shape to the handsome ranks. Leather jackets and knight boots are very stylish, and grey leggings just become an over-extension between black leather and white T-shirts.

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2, white T-shirt + denim vest + gray base socks + floral shoes

The same is the vest + long T-shirt + gray base socks, the choice of different items show a different feeling. This body is more casual and comfortable, the vest is very casual, the shoes and leggings are a perfect match, revealing the ankles and visually stretching the leg lines.

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3, loose windbreaker + wave point T-shirt + gray leggings

This year’s loose windbreaker is also very popular, with tight pants and short skirts are very good, bean green windbreaker with this gray leggings, it is very fresh and natural.

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4, white vest + large striped shirt + gray knit tight skirt + gray leggings

In this collocation, the blue striped shirt and the gray do not have any conflicts, and the yellow hand-held bag is set against the backdrop, which is really versatile.

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