What kind of clothes are used in the bottoming socks? The mix and match style does not forget to show the slender legs.

What is the bottoming socks?

The bottoming socks and the matching clothes do not have to be the protagonists of the clothes. The low-key and restrained and versatile personality can replace the sloppy autumn trousers in a certain sense, so the leggings can exist as an extremely important auxiliary item. At that time, there were prints of beautiful styles, but you should be careful not to accidentally become small legs.

Yoga pants
Black base stocking + orange woolen long coat

The deep warm orange color can set the skin to be very white, with a black inside, and bring a sexy feeling in the warmth. The matching of the base socks and the black Martin boots can make the legs extremely long. Tall.

Yoga pants
Black base stocking + waist black leather coat

The waisted leather coat can be worn directly as a winter vintage dress. The wide skirt can be filled with an elegant and unique ladylike look. The all black fit is visually slimmer.

Yoga pants
Black base socks + gray plaid coat + blue jeans

The plaid coat is full of British style. The combination of jeans and base socks seems to be cumbersome. Otherwise, the base socks are versatile black and will not cover the ankle lines, avoiding the embarrassing scene of the autumn pants.

Yoga pants
Grey suede leggings + bright bread hip skirt + plaid coat

The fluffy leggings are even better, and they are visually more lovely, and the plaid coat is full of retro British style.

Yoga pants
Black base socks + black fur coat + black and white cashmere skirt

All black match with a woolen skirt, although black and white match is sweet, black base socks make the fur coat without bloated feeling, high and full.

Yoga pants
Wine red base socks + patent leather black skirt + white plush coat

The burgundy has a high degree of saturation, but the combination with the patent leather plush elements is layered and more harmonious.